Salad Burnet: Beautiful Leaves

by Sona Kirts | June 29, 2019 11:36 am

Salad Burnet

For years I ignored salad burnet in my mother’s garden. The dainty, toothed leaflets caught my attention, but I thought it was rather a waste of space: small and monochromatic with an odd, sparse little flower, when there was a flower at all. Then one day I tasted it. That soft, thin leaf knocked me over with a happy, clean cucumber flavour. Now I pine after this little herb. Its tidy habit seems cute, the tiny reddish flowers adorable, its hardiness admirable. If I grew it, I could put the leaves in salads, in cool summer drinks, in cream cheese, in soups. This summer I’ll ask my mom to slip me a bit of the root, and she’ll be delighted. Moms—and gardeners—are like that.

Salad Burnet
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Salad Burnet

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